Paintings, 2014

2014 was not a good year for making art. We moved into a new house, with a studio space. A very large studio space, a separate building on the property. We packed (and looked for housing and sold our house) from January to July. We moved July 3 and spent July through November fixing theContinue reading “Paintings, 2014”

David Hockney at the de Young, Part 3

David Hockney David Hockney working on The Arrival of Spring in Woldgate, East Yorkshire in 2011 (twenty eleven), Version 3, 2011 The Exhibit Design I mentioned the design of the Hockney exhibit earlier. I don’t know if Hockney was personally involved in the placement of the works although he has sometimes, as with the Royal AcademyContinue reading “David Hockney at the de Young, Part 3”

Playa, September 17, 2013

Sept 17, Tuesday I had an exciting morning. Went out with Rachel at 6:30 A.M. — this meant getting up at 5:30 because I’m a nervous nelly –  and I needed to heat up a cup of coffee so I could pretend to be human. We walked up to the bone yard, where Pepper lookedContinue reading “Playa, September 17, 2013”

Paintings from Pine Creek: Finale

In preparing for our extended visit to the old family home,  Cedar Pines, along Pine Creek in northern Pennsylvania, I realized that the lush green landscape required more than my usual travel supply of small boards. I needed ampler materials so I could stretch myself into the landscape. Lots of artists don’t work large, andContinue reading “Paintings from Pine Creek: Finale”

The Figure in the Landscape: Summer 2012

I just completed a 2-week, six-day workshop on the figure in landscape. I have decided that this year I will concentrate on painting figures and faces, so in June, I reviewed portraiture with Jeff Burke at Hipbone studio (see the previous post). And in July,  I took this workshop. Our schedule was fairly routine: WeContinue reading “The Figure in the Landscape: Summer 2012”

Dateline: Mitchell, Oregon, Sept. 15, Day 10

I am aweary this evening. But I tromped again today to the back of the outback and did another medium sized painting (18 x 24).  I also worked some more on yesterday’s painting from that same spot. So here is the photo of the space I concentrated on today: And here’s the 18 x 24″Continue reading “Dateline: Mitchell, Oregon, Sept. 15, Day 10”

Dateline: Mitchell, Oregon, Day 5, Sept 10, 2011

We zoomed out to Picture Gorge extra early today, hoping to catch the shadows and avoid the heat. We were carrying the large canvases in the carrier Neighbor Jim made for me; the carrier protects the car from oil paint, and me from sorrowful looks by Jer, who loves his 1994 Honda and can’t bearContinue reading “Dateline: Mitchell, Oregon, Day 5, Sept 10, 2011”

Dateline: Mitchell, Oregon. Canoodling Conundrums on Day 3, Sept 8

It was cloudy at 8 AM when we started off to the Painted Hills, an earlier day than yesterday. I was ready to finish off an already composed painting. The early start and muted sun turned out to be advantageous for capturing the color of the Hills. And the skies, full of clouds and Moran-likeContinue reading “Dateline: Mitchell, Oregon. Canoodling Conundrums on Day 3, Sept 8”

The John Day Fossil Beds, Further Explorations

In 2006, I spent a month at the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument. At the time I was a long-time textile artist but a newbie painter.  My intent was to do studies in oils and watercolor and then transform these into textile art when I returned home. It was an exciting adventure, providing anContinue reading “The John Day Fossil Beds, Further Explorations”

Paintings from the Sandgren Workshop

[Ed. note: this is a re-posting from the southeastmain blog] By june I’m finally ready to post the paintings from the Sandgren Workshop, not because they are fascinating and wonderful, but because, well, because it’s time. I did six paintings in three days, and then I reworked them in the studio. Five of the paintingsContinue reading “Paintings from the Sandgren Workshop”