Playa Residency, September 11 through September 25, 2013

[Note: The dated entries to the residency journal were done on-site at Playa, but because of restrictions on the bandwidth at the site, none were uploaded until I returned home at the end of September. I will be posting those over the next month, starting with the one done on the first day.] In thisContinue reading “Playa Residency, September 11 through September 25, 2013”

Benton, Pollock, and, um, Underwood

As I explored in previous posts (here, here, and here), I’m continuing my quest for compositional methods and ways of seeing that can give me a framework for my mostly intuitive working. Thomas Hart Benton and scholars discussing his work have dissected his use of vertical spirals, collage-like murals, and falling-into-your-lap figuration. Thomas Hart Benton,Continue reading “Benton, Pollock, and, um, Underwood”

Wonky-Scapes, a truncated history

I was prevented from hanging my upcoming exhibit Wednesday afternoon by construction issues, so I decided my spare time could be spent rummaging around in my brain, thinking about how I got to doing wonky plein air and studio city-scapes. The exhibit is Wonky PDX: City-Scapes by Yours Truly, showing at the Full Circle Gallery,Continue reading “Wonky-Scapes, a truncated history”

Space and Place, the Tangle and the Wonkiness

To continue my thoughts on space and place: I have been working on textiles, which means 10% design and 90% execution. Execution always gives me lots of time to think. So I am pondering, still, on my own art making — what I make, and why it’s not necessarily what I generally like in art.Continue reading “Space and Place, the Tangle and the Wonkiness”

Space and Place, First Thoughts

┬áThe Amargosa Panorama from Fra Lippo Lippi, by Robert Browning …We’re made so that we love First when we see them painted, things we have passed Perhaps a hundred times nor cared to see; And so they are better, painted — better to us, Which is the same thing. Art was given for that; GodContinue reading “Space and Place, First Thoughts”

PEFO Paintings, Mostly Finished.

I promised to provide updates to this blog as I worked in my Portland, Oregon, studio on the Arizona Petrified Forest National Park Paintings. I am in the process of moving this blog, pages and posts, to my website, but until that process is completed and ready for public consumption, I thought I wouldContinue reading “PEFO Paintings, Mostly Finished.”

Petrified Forest Residency: A concluding remark or two, in Context

I have been shilly-shallying about writing this conclusion for close to a month now. And it’s not because I don’t know what I want to say. I think it’s because I can summarize or I can expostulate, and while the first is almost too brief, the latter is too turgid. So here are some sillyContinue reading “Petrified Forest Residency: A concluding remark or two, in Context”