Eastside Plating Works, Plant 5 (The Paintings)

More than a month ago, I said I was almost finished with Plant 5. Well, time is as relative as other attributes of our world, so “almost” is tallied as a month’s further tweaking. Below are images of the final work. The titles and comments are meant to please all: Jan shouldn’t read them orContinue reading “Eastside Plating Works, Plant 5 (The Paintings)”

PSF Residency: Posts 7 & 8 (Plant 5, panel studies 3 & 5)

Two posts this evening because I failed to get to Friday’s events until now. So, two days down on the res…. Here are two paintings, one from Friday and the other from Sunday, now ensconced in my studio. Both were done at the Eastside Plating Plant, Building 5. Both were done plein air. On FridayContinue reading “PSF Residency: Posts 7 & 8 (Plant 5, panel studies 3 & 5)”

Wonky PDX Cityscapes — a Review by Sam Underwood

[Ed. note: The following are the images from and a commentary about the wonky cityscapes exhibit shown at the Full Circle Gallery, May, 2011. Sam Underwood is a Portland-born, long-time observer of the city as well as an intelligent observer of paintings. Disclaimer: he’s also related to me. The paintings have been grouped by theContinue reading “Wonky PDX Cityscapes — a Review by Sam Underwood”

Wonky-Scapes, a truncated history

I was prevented from hanging my upcoming exhibit Wednesday afternoon by construction issues, so I decided my spare time could be spent rummaging around in my brain, thinking about how I got to doing wonky plein air and studio city-scapes. The exhibit is Wonky PDX: City-Scapes by Yours Truly, showing at the Full Circle Gallery,Continue reading “Wonky-Scapes, a truncated history”