Happy 2016: Here’s a Great Beginning

Beginning January 7, 2016, I will have my first solo exhibit since 2012. The exhibit is at the Art Haus in Milepost5, the art community and residential apartment complex off 82nd Ave. Art Haus can be accessed between 81st and 82nd on Oregon St. The exhibit will run January 7 through February 8, 2016. When James HalvorsonContinue reading “Happy 2016: Here’s a Great Beginning”

The Plank Paintings: Playa, September 2013 — January 2014

The “Plank Paintings”, more formally known as Summer Lake from Winter Ridge, has long been finished. I wrote about it earlier, under the rubric of The Project from Hell. I finished the last coats a bit more than a year ago, and I recorded much of the process along the way. Then life intervened andContinue reading “The Plank Paintings: Playa, September 2013 — January 2014”

The Project in Purgatory: it’s graduated

Progress is being made. The 8 cedar planks have all had their first coat of paint. The slight bulge in the center that somehow started out concave has be sighted and corrected. The curve of Winter Ridge has been located and shaped at each end of the playa. Color has been laid down and moreContinue reading “The Project in Purgatory: it’s graduated”

The Project from Hell

The project from hell is the one that has at least 27 more steps to it than initially envisioned, and each step consists of 1 step forward followed fairly quickly by 1.9999 (or sometimes 4.999999) back. So, take 20 miles of a dry lake bed, Summer Lake, seen in September from a relatively inaccessible spotContinue reading “The Project from Hell”

Jerome, Arizona: Pictoral Paintings

Slowed but not defeated by various medical adventures, in March of 2013 we escaped Portland’s winter in a trip to Jerome, Arizona. Jerome, across the Verde Valley from Sedona, couldn’t be more different from  Sedona’s iconic, well-groomed posture; Jerome is ramshackle, raucous, and delightful. First, it’s plastered up against a very steep hillside, which makesContinue reading “Jerome, Arizona: Pictoral Paintings”

Paintings from Pine Creek: Finale

In preparing for our extended visit to the old family home,  Cedar Pines, along Pine Creek in northern Pennsylvania, I realized that the lush green landscape required more than my usual travel supply of small boards. I needed ampler materials so I could stretch myself into the landscape. Lots of artists don’t work large, andContinue reading “Paintings from Pine Creek: Finale”