The Plank Paintings: Playa, September 2013 — January 2014

The “Plank Paintings”, more formally known as Summer Lake from Winter Ridge, has long been finished. I wrote about it earlier, under the rubric of The Project from Hell. I finished the last coats a bit more than a year ago, and I recorded much of the process along the way. Then life intervened andContinue reading “The Plank Paintings: Playa, September 2013 — January 2014”

Bits and Bytes: Day 33, Dec. 3, 09

Yesterday, I took the day off and was playing at painting the Beatty Community Center when the silver Honda pulled up with David Lancaster and all his photo equipment. So I got to exploit the photographer. Actually he had set up and done some phtography before he found me, but at the Barn, after someContinue reading “Bits and Bytes: Day 33, Dec. 3, 09”

Unoriented: Day 29, Nov. 29, 2009

I told Jer this morning that I should be able to “finish” these canvases in another two days. Tonight I’m not so sure. But I’m not going to show any more photos of them until I’m fairly confident that I’ve done as much as I can see to do. The panorama set does have aContinue reading “Unoriented: Day 29, Nov. 29, 2009”

Turkey Days: Day 26 & 27, Nov. 26 & 27, 2009

After 25 days of intense daily painting, I took two days off — for the feting and the feasting provided by Suzanne and Charles Hackett-Morgan, Goldwell Board Directors, and Suzy and Riley McCoy, Goldwell volunteers. Sammie, the eight year old, came along with Suzanne and Charles, and provided us all with joyful, well-mannered kidling times.Continue reading “Turkey Days: Day 26 & 27, Nov. 26 & 27, 2009”

Half Way There: Day 20, Nov 20, 2009

And it feels just fine. I had a short day, thinking I might catch a bit of plein air work, but by the time Jer showed up, it was blowing too hard. So, wind wimp that I am, I came back to Beatty and played with a painting in the foyer of the house (theContinue reading “Half Way There: Day 20, Nov 20, 2009”

Raise High the Linen Panels:Day 17, Nov 17,2009

There I am, heroically affixing the last tack to the seventh panel, while Jer takes the photo in panic, hoping I won’t fall off the ladder. It’s only a two step step-stool, and has a nice handle to lean one’s knees on, but this is not a position my vestibular system is fond of. OnContinue reading “Raise High the Linen Panels:Day 17, Nov 17,2009”

Visitors: Day 7, Nov. 7, 2009

More visitors today, all welcome. First I went for a long walk north of the Barn, delighting in the scenery, the foliage, the rocks, and the human artifacts. Then, after returning, and working a bit,  John Donahoe and his grayhound (whose name I keep forgetting) showed up for more advice about painting his screen doorContinue reading “Visitors: Day 7, Nov. 7, 2009”

With a Little Help from my Friends: Day 6, Nov. 6,2009

What a pleasure it is to return to a place where people know you and your habits and your needs. Suzie and Riley McCoy, caretakers at the Museum a half mile up the road, dropped by to check on me and to see if I had the other end of their walkie-talkie. Until we findContinue reading “With a Little Help from my Friends: Day 6, Nov. 6,2009”

Every Long Journey (and Big Canvas)

begins with a first step: That white line on the set of canvases? It’s the “horizon” — of the basin, not of the ranges that bound it NW and SE, nor of the far distant ones that seem to bound the far southern end of the Amargosa. But sorting out the boundary of the basinContinue reading “Every Long Journey (and Big Canvas)”

Take Brush, Put to Canvas: Day 4, Nov. 4, 2009

I went altogether too long without painting. Sketching doesn’t substitute. Thinking isn’t adequate. Looking at scenery only makes one’s fingers twitch. So today I painted. Not well, not finished, but I got that brush in hand: First I did an acrylic-painted sketch on some sketching paper I taped together (Note to self — there isContinue reading “Take Brush, Put to Canvas: Day 4, Nov. 4, 2009”