Paintings, 2014

2014 was not a good year for making art. We moved into a new house, with a studio space. A very large studio space, a separate building on the property. We packed (and looked for housing and sold our house) from January to July. We moved July 3 and spent July through November fixing theContinue reading “Paintings, 2014”

Paintings from Pine Creek: Issue 3

18 x 24″, oil on Masonite, 2012 It was a long and fraught winter, with annoying bouts of vertigo that often stopped me completely. Earlier, I had committed to a charity auction, so most of my upright time was spent getting a small end table painted and presentable for the Community Warehouse Chair Affair. However,Continue reading “Paintings from Pine Creek: Issue 3”

Paintings from the Sandgren Workshop

[Ed. note: this is a re-posting from the southeastmain blog] By june I’m finally ready to post the paintings from the Sandgren Workshop, not because they are fascinating and wonderful, but because, well, because it’s time. I did six paintings in three days, and then I reworked them in the studio. Five of the paintingsContinue reading “Paintings from the Sandgren Workshop”

PEFO Paintings, Mostly Finished.

I promised to provide updates to this blog as I worked in my Portland, Oregon, studio on the Arizona Petrified Forest National Park Paintings. I am in the process of moving this blog, pages and posts, to my website, but until that process is completed and ready for public consumption, I thought I wouldContinue reading “PEFO Paintings, Mostly Finished.”

The Masonite Studies: Day 15, Nov 15, 2009

from Mary Shelley’s comments in Part II of her Rambles in Germany and Italy: Were I exiled, perforce, I might repine, for the heart naturally yearns for home. But to adorn that home with recollections, to fly abroad from the hive, like a bee, and return laden with the sweets of travel-scene, which haunt theContinue reading “The Masonite Studies: Day 15, Nov 15, 2009”

Take Brush, Put to Canvas: Day 4, Nov. 4, 2009

I went altogether too long without painting. Sketching doesn’t substitute. Thinking isn’t adequate. Looking at scenery only makes one’s fingers twitch. So today I painted. Not well, not finished, but I got that brush in hand: First I did an acrylic-painted sketch on some sketching paper I taped together (Note to self — there isContinue reading “Take Brush, Put to Canvas: Day 4, Nov. 4, 2009”

Diary of a Residency, days 41 & 42, March 29, 2009. The End

The final day at the Goldwell Open Air Museum’s Workspace Artist in residency: From this: To this: And this: And this: And this: I took almost no photos the last two days; during exhibits I always think I will take lots and then, as I’m talking and greeting and hugging, I forget. I even forgotContinue reading “Diary of a Residency, days 41 & 42, March 29, 2009. The End”

Diary of a Residency, Day 33, March 20, 2009

Ahhhhhhh. It was a grand day at the Red Barn. I was reluctant to start. I knew I didn’t know how to fix the big paintings and I had no little ones to procrastinate on. And there was at least one other painting sitting around which was turned to the wall immediately as I walkedContinue reading “Diary of a Residency, Day 33, March 20, 2009”

Diary of a Residency, Day 31, March 18, 2009

It’s good to hear from the few people who are reading this Journal. When I’m writing it, I sometimes get stopped, trying to decide who is my audience. I never definitively decided, but you’ve decided it for me. So I’ll watch my language and try to be a lady. Hi guys, good to hear fromContinue reading “Diary of a Residency, Day 31, March 18, 2009”

Diary of a Residency, day 26, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th. A nice easy slow day. After the exhaustion of Death Valley yesterday, I decided today not to attempt to deal with the wind and sun and carting the materials and setting up in the midst of sand fleas and kibitzers: I stayed inside the Red Barn, with the big doors wide openContinue reading “Diary of a Residency, day 26, March 13, 2009”